XYLO is a line of fully compostable garbage bags invented by parent company, Cyclewood Solutions. The bags are created utilizing a left over, and usually disposed, material produced in the creation of paper, lignin. 

The goal of the project was to a create a new logo and packaging for the XYLO brand that appropriately fits the mission as well as the technology used to the produce the products. The logo gives a nod to nature with wood texture which is balanced with modern, geometric shapes that reflect the technology aspect of the product. The packaging amplifies the experience by continuing the use of the geometric shapes as well as bright colors and custom type treatments for each bag type. All of these elements helped the XYLO brand stand out among the competition. Special patterns were also created for each bag type .

Designed while working at 70kft
Creative Direction: Stefan Reddick
Junior Designer (for bags): Becky Ben Lin

*photo courtesy of  Kevin Johnson